Status LED Lighting: Industrial hot cold hot markets tremble
It is reported that the next 10 years the global LED lighting market will have up to more than 10 trillion yuan of business opportunities.At the recent Shenzhen International Lighting Fair, the exhibitors LED to introduce new products customers.These are based on the rapid development of Shenzhen LED industry: average annual growth rate of industrial scale more than 30%.However, LED lighting applications, Shenzhen, no large-scale use of domestic LED lighting, LED lighting is still used in many fields blank.
  Scale of the industry average annual growth rate of over 30%
  July 26, Shenzhen LED Industry Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Sui Sai Wing briefing, Shenzhen LED industry began in the early 90s of last century.After ten years of development, Shenzhen LED industry in 2007 to achieve annual output value of 15 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan in 2008, 2009, 24.5 billion yuan, industrial scale to an average annual growth rate of over 30%.
  As of now, there are all kinds of LED enterprises in Shenzhen 1150, registered capital of 3.0 billion, this year will exceed 40 billion yuan in output value, industrial-scale accounting for 30% to 35%.At present, Shenzhen has become the world's largest solar LED lighting production and supply base, LED backlight major global production and supply base, LED display China's largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting in major producing regions.According to the plan, by 2015, Shenzhen LED annual output value will reach 1300 ~ 150 billion yuan.
  Large-scale use will take some time
  Talking about the marketing of Shenzhen LED, Sui Sai Wing frankly, Shenzhen, not massive use of LED lighting.
  He introduced, LED lighting, including landscape lighting, street lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting and other indoor lighting, as well as administrative, education and other areas of office lighting.In landscape lighting, landscape currently the only members of the public works center of the LED lamps use; in the business of illumination, only Shenzhen Huaqiang North, including SEG, Huaqiang Group, the electricity used on exterior walls 6 LED display Shennan Boulevard Fountain, Phoenix external walls of buildings used by the Universiade countdown LED display; in street lighting, in accordance with the plan to the city's 450 000 2015 all use LED lighting lamps, but in 2009, Shenzhen began to promote LED demonstration project began, only two LED light built New Model Road, the other districts as required by another to promote their economic strength to build a model way very few; in commercial lighting and office lighting, Shenzhen is now almost a blank .
  LED lighting in the home, Shenzhen also seemed a bit backward.July 23, Shenzhen Energy Association vice chairman and secretary general Jianghai Yong told reporters that the implementation of state subsidies LED lamps 3 years, the "annual energy conference in the country, I just heard the Shenzhen index is not complete." Shenzhen subsidized by the government to promote this year's one million LED lights, currently promoting more than 30 million, remaining as promotion of insufficient funds, have stopped promoting. Compared to Shenzhen, Shanghai, to promote this year's target of five million, they have imposed the municipal and district levels of government subsidies to each family allotted three, each 1.5 per."According to the current promotion process 5 million this year in Shanghai to promote indicators are not enough." Jianghai Yong said.
  Technological bottlenecks and expand market opportunities
  LED heat why this industry, the market cold embarrassment?
  Jiang Haiyong that not everything is up to the LED lighting market demands technical angered disaster.Heat, the light fades, color temperature, color and other technical bottlenecks are troubled.LED high cost at this stage is an indisputable fact that the high cost of LED lighting into the home market, the biggest obstacle.LED lighting costs 60% concentrated in the chip, the chip also basically rely on our United States, Japan, Germany, Korea and other countries and Taiwan Province of imports, resulting in persistently high price of LED lamps. "Without government subsidies, estimated that most people do not use the LED lights."
  Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Co., Ltd. has been concerned partner Mei Kin-LED industry, on June 11, he told the Shenzhen Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fang and Shi Renwei current LED lighting industry have a flaw, it is confused.Consumers no standard to determine good or bad.This year in May, the state introduced a national standard, but the standard color index in the standard, most domestic companies have failed.Moreover, this standard is guidance, not mandatory standards, even if the lights do not meet production standards, marketing is not illegal.In the absence of mandatory standards, with the result at this stage LED lighting into the home facing the uncertainty of the development of performance bottlenecks.