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Product name : Linear Profile
Item : L4266
Input : 
Power : 
Size : 
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Colors: Silver /White /Black
Installation: Pendant /Recessed /Surface Mounted
Length: 1200mm /2500mm

Base on modular design and easy installation methods, our linear profiles has broken through the restrict of traditional lighting system, satisfy the imagination of designers, everyone is able to create the lighting space by his own ideas and individual application, fully present the combination of human being’s characteristics and product’s features. Let everyone enjoys the freedom of designing.

New linear profiles brings amazing revolution of installation by keeping adopt the new technology. Compares to similar products from other place, our profiles significantly increases the efficiency of the installation by saving 30% time during the process of installation. The users will be able to finish his own design freely in a very short time.

Standing out from the common led lights like led strip, led tube, our linear lighting system combines with aluminum profile and led light source perfectly, various connectors offer more adaptability for different application field, different space construction, and different kind of decoration material.

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